How We Want To Help

The driving force at Tuff Sprout are the kids and families out there facing extraordinary challenges.  We exist because of our desire to help.  We envision it will take many forms as we grow and become more integrated into the local community.


Awareness is a crucial part of our vision for the company. We aim to drive awareness for the kids, their families, organizations, and the people in our community that align with our mission.  We intend to create this awareness through engaging local businesses and people in our community, through our stories page, our social media efforts, blogging, and various forms of products.


Through our development of the brand, we want to help provide genuine value in a child’s and families journey to help improve their lives in some way.  We want to help identify and create supports that will benefit them in their journey.  We want to provide ways in which our community can come together to tell us unique challenges they face so we can start thinking and help become part of a solution that creates change.  This will happen in various ways and will be developed over time.  Please email us at if you have any suggestions or questions and keep following along for updates and information on our efforts.


We want our products to be conceived, created, and developed in a way that will align with our mission.  Products with a purpose.  Products to help empower and encourage kids through their difficult journey’s.  Products to help encourage and support parents and caregivers. Products to help drive awareness to see the potential in everyone, regardless of diagnosis, condition, or difference.  Products to help provide alternatives, to what is currently on the market, and not working.


One of the reasons we want to create different products was to create a means of giving back to our community of kids and their families.   We will use a percentage of our profits from our product sales to build local support programs.