3 – Hold On To Hope with Urijah Ermel

Episode 3 – Hold On To Hope with Urijah Ermel

Hey everyone!

I had the absolute privilege to speak with our third guest recently, Urijah Ermel.  Urijah is 16 years old with an incredible outlook on life.  He has dreams to be an audio engineer and help create amazing audio experiences from behind the scenes.

Urijah also has many different rare conditions including severe CVID, a very difficult immune condition. He has struggled since birth with various medical conditions and spends much of his time in hospitals.

Despite his challenge, his positive attitude and outlook encourage others around him.

I had a great conversation with Urijah talking about his journey and the things in his life that help him overcome.

We talked about how he deals with the tough circumstances in his journey, and the need to hold on to hope through the struggles.

He explained, however, good music or company can provide a good distraction from everything.  And sometimes that is needed too as its difficult to be hopeful all the time.

We need to find ways to manage the challenges in our life in our  own way.

“People have to start realizing that everybody deserves an equal chance” 


Podcast Music Credit: https://www.bensound.com

[/vc_column_text][dt_vc_list]In this episode, we talk about:

  • Urijah’s dreams to become an audio engineer
  • Some of the specific challenges Urijah faces
  • How the community should treat people with medical challenges
  • The value of patient partnership and how being included in the medical and education system can have a profound effect on the journey.
  • Thoughts on community, inclusion, and how it impacts everyone
  • The worst fear of losing supports and funding for life saving treatments and medication

Do you know anyone that works as an audio engineer or within the entertainment industry (concerts, orchestra etc)?  We want to know if there is any community opportunities out there for Urijah to learn and test out his knowledge as an audio engineer.  Let us know if there is any opportunities and we would love to be able to connect Urijah with them.  Please email any potential opportunities to shaun.fehr@tuffsprout.com.

If you want to follow Urijah’s journey, check out Scoobs Quest on Facebook.

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