Our Origin

Before our daughter Hayden’s first birthday, we were told she was born with a rare genetic condition.  From that moment on we were pulled into the world of diagnosis, hospitals, and a life of uncertainty.  The challenges we started to see her go through made us question her future, our future. Through the uncertainties, we started thinking more about what could be done now to help build her future.

Can we create something that she may be part of in her future?
How can we overcome this fear of the unknown?

Through a two month hospital stay (majority in the PICU), we witnessed Hayden go through so many needles, tests, exams, seizures, IVs, and a seemingly endless amount of medications in what was one of the most difficult times of our lives.  She suffered on a daily basis.  During that hospital stay, we started to see something else that we were always oblivious to.  We saw other kids in similar situations and some much different.  We saw other parents fighting for and advocating for their children.   We had come to learn about another world that existed, ‘hospital life’. It was in the months after this hospital stay when the seed for Tuff Sprout started growing.  As time went on, we met others on similar journeys.  We continued to see Hayden struggle, but then we would see her triumph.  Slowly, the vision started to come together.  By creating a community focused brand that could advocate for these kids and drive awareness to the organizations that aim to improve kids lives, we could use our fear of the unknown for positive change.

Our Name

It was, and will always be, extremely difficult watching her go through the struggles in her life, especially when you know you have no control.  We wanted a name that could speak for all kids facing these challenges.  A name that acknowledges their strength, their spirit, and the fight in their lives.  They are warriors, they are Tuff.  Sprout is the potential for great things. It is the potential for kids despite diagnosis or condition. It is the potential for everyone who has been impacted, to celebrate our diversity, spread love and change the world.


To create a better world for kids and families facing extraordinary challenges.

We aim to drive positivity, hope, and strength through the brand and use half of any profits for the development of resource and community programs to improve the lives of children and families in their struggles.

How We Give Back

Find out how we aim to give back and how we plan to drive awareness through community engagement