The driving force behind Tuff Sprout lies in empowering children and families facing extraordinary challenges. We aim to empower families in the following ways: 

Driving Awareness

According to the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders, 1/12 or approximately three million Canadians are diagnosed with a rare disease. Of those 3 million Canadians, ½ of them are children.

As parents to a child with a rare disease, we understand how difficult this journey can be.  Not only is it emotionally isolating, it can also be very difficult financially.  Between missed days at work, lack of opportunity due to reduced time commitment, and extra life costs due to a disability or medical needs.  That’s why one of our mandates is to help drive awareness for the issues afflicting children & families, and provide a place that can support them.

We intend to drive this awareness by providing resources, highlighting the stories of real families, and selling purposeful products. 

The Products

We want products we sell to be created, and developed in a way that aligns with our mission. As such, we are very intentional in who we work with with a goal of creating purpose-driven products. Products that help empower and encourage children and families throughout their respective journeys.

Selling products also allows us to generate funds to give back to community organizations that support families. Every year, we intend on donating a percentage of the profits to help families with the financial burden of medical life.

Medical and Special Needs Marketplace

As a special needs parent, we have found, there is really no great place to go to find products that work to help our daughter in her journey.  Our goal is to build up a marketplace where parents are not left wondering, “where can I get this product?”.  When something unique or custom is needed, we will work with you to potentially create a one-off product to help in your day to day life.

Families of special needs and medical kiddos have to think creatively in how money comes into the household.  Many parents get laid off, or not provided opportunity simply because their time commitment to their child and family through the many challenges.  To provide an avenue to make money, our marketplace will be open to medical and special needs families to sell goods.