Lauren Georgia

Lauren was diagnosed with Ebsteins Anomaly of the Tricuspid Valve shortly after birth. She has had virtually no symptoms since then until she turned 11. She loves track and field and is an amazing sprinter and hurdle jumper. This past year she felt she just didn’t have the stamina to go like she used to and after some testing our cardiologist saw it wasn’t just in her head. Her heart was changing and it became apparent that it was time to try repair her abnormal valve. Lauren goes in for open heart surgery Feb. 26th, 2019. Up until now she has had MRI’s, EKG’s, Eco cardiograms, stress tests and many pokes and prods. We have an amazing support system in our lives and know she will be a trooper in her up coming surgery just as she has been these past 11 years. She just recently had a heart catheterization surgery for various tests and was so brave. She was so inspiring and so positive. She always tries to use humour to make hard situations easier even when she has extreme jitters.

This past surgery is when I saw your blanket it the Vancouver Childrens hospital gift shop. She loves your soft blanket so much. Our family loves that by buying it it helps her and also gives back to other children in similar situations. You can bet she will have it with her for her next big surgery. Thank you Tuff Sprouts!

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