Once I Had A Dream

No matter how hard we tried to understand Hayden’s diagnosis, it was impossible to erase the fear for the future.  The fear of her being different in a world that doesn’t easily embrace unique.  The fear of her experiencing seizures.  Fear of her getting cancer.  Fear of her dying.  This fear consumed us, until something remarkable started to happen.  Hayden showed us who she was and helped us work through our fears.  Even though the fears still exist, we know she has this, and she will continue to change us, just like so many kids out there.

No parenting book would have ever prepared us for the incredible life we were blessed to care for.  This story sends a message to our daughter and to the many kids out there facing extraordinary challenges that they have helped us work through our fear of the uncertain and replaced it with a greater joy and sense of amazement.

Once I Had A Dream is an inspirational story about the journey a mother and child take when that child is faced with an extraordinary challenge

The book goes through the progression of a parent’s perspective in simple verses and very artistic watercolor illustrations.  The elephant illustrations provide a family friendly art that can be enjoyed by many ages.

We hope this book ends up being more than one that just sits on a book shelf.  But one that can be treasured and kept throughout time.  One that can provide encouragement and love during difficult times.  A book that can be given to an individual during milestone events.  We hope the words in this book can help empower kids and families out there that are facing extraordinary challenges.

Book will be 9″ x 9″ and be hardcover format. It will also be sold in a digital book format as well.

Book Team


Cristina Fehr


Cristina Fehr is from Sherwood Park, Alberta.  A stay at home mom to two sweet girls, Hayden and Norah.  Cristina found inspiration to write this book watching Hayden go through so many challenges.  She realized how her perspective changed when she thought of her initial dreams of what Hayden’s life would look like.  Knowing now that these dreams didn’t compare to the courage, love, and happiness that she bears witness to watching Hayden move through life.  Cristina isn’t stopping here.  She is currently in the process of writing a second book dedicated to Norah, and the light she brings into her world.


Tara Put


Tara Put is from Calgary, Alberta. She works as a Speech-Language Pathologist, helping kindergarten-aged children with communication needs. Tara is also an artist, and especially enjoys using watercolour paints and drawing on her iPad Pro. In the past couple years, Tara has done illustrations for two other children’s books, and also creates many designs for fabric, wallpaper, and wrapping paper. Tara is the mother of Malcolm, who was her happy little sidekick as she painted the illustrations for this book. To see more of her work, check out her Instagram: @tarakarinput

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We are working hard to to make sure the book is perfect.  In the coming months we will be launching a crowd funding campaign to help raise the funds to get the book printed.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Stay tuned for the launch