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Having a child with a disability or medical condition presents additional challenges to navigating who can help, and how.  We want to make it easier for the families out there to find reputable businesses that go the extra mile.  To find services that have been beneficial in a families journey, or to share products that have made life a little easier.  

The purpose is to build a unique database to consolidate the products, services, and businesses that work well for your family, and the many other families in our community.  Eventually this will also include star ratings to give you a better idea of the the opinion of the collective community.

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Dispenseries Ltd.businesspharmaciesEdmonton, Sherwood Park Ltd. has been incredible with our child's epilepsy medication. Many of the prescriptions had to be compounded and they always get the medication delivered to our door in a timely fashion
Nurse Next Doorbusinessrespite Edmonton and Area have had mostly good experiences with NND. While it can be a challenge to find someone that fits into your life and becomes 'part of the team', we found a respite worker that worked well for us. They also direct bill FSCD so it makes it easy for managing the administrative side of it.
Unique Foundationservicehelpful-websites Onlinehttps://rarechromo.orgTrying to find information for your child with a rare condition is sometimes impossible. Unique organization is apparently one of the most comprehensive rare chromosome databases of necessary information. We found similar research for our daughters microdeletion which gave us a better understanding of her prognosis. If you are new to the rare journey, check out Unique!
Drug Bankbusinesshelpful-websites Online is a comprehensive clinical database of different drugs and medications. While there is a lot of scientific information that I really have no need for, it provides a useful way to search and understand how the medication works, the other drug interactions and possible side effects when combining drugs. Of course, this is just information to help build an understanding, you should be talking with your doctor or pharmacist to clarify any concerns you have.
Lulubee PhotographybusinessPhotographyEdmonton and Area from Lulubee Photography set up an event called Rare Powers Day a few years ago to capture the essence of children with rare diseases through her lens. We were lucky to be among the 16 families that took incredible pictures of our daughter who has a 21q microdeletion. She captured truly amazing photos and it was wonderful to watch Louise work with our daughter. A couple years later we hired her to do our family pictures and she was again, wonderful to work with. We were very happy with the photos we received and the experience was very pleasant. We would recommend Lulubee to anyone looking to have family photos done.
Tscherkassow PhotographybusinessPhotographyEdmonton and Area was so great with our family. Just after we had our third child we wanted to get family photos done but also couldn't really go anywhere for the photos. Kristen came to our house and created a studio right in our house!! She was great at capturing the kids during the chaotic moments. Kristen also has an incredible rate for medical families as she is also a medical mom and is using her time to give back in an awesome way.
Compassion CutsservicePersonal GroomingEdmonton and Area has come twice now to cut our daughters hair. Hayden doesn't like sitting still and it can be a challenge to go out into the public hair salons. Compassion Cuts is a mobile service so she comes into your home to give your kiddo a haircut. Laura is really good with Hayden and works really quick to cut her hair. It is much less stress then going to a hair salon.